Types of car insurance in Spain

02 Sep

Driving in Spain is beautiful, but make sure you have the right car insurance so that you are covered. Last year I had to go to Spain to set up a new branch for our company. I was there for almost a year and therefore needed a ride of my own to commute. In the beginning I had a rental to drive me around, but soon I picked a VW Golf for me and got it insured. There are many options when it comes to Spanish car insurance that I could choose from. It is compulsory to have your car insured in Spain.

If you are moving to Spain and want to know about the various options that you have in car insurance, then let me help you with it. Since I have gone through the process fairly recently, I should be able to help you.

Third party insurance

Third party insurance is the compulsory motor insurance in Spain. If you are buying a car in Spain then you will have to get it coved with a Third party insurance. This insurance will cover the other car and damage caused to it in case of an accident. Third party insurance will however not cover you and your car. It is the minimum insurance that you have to get, but it is not advisable to have just a third party insurance.

Third party, fire and theft insurance

Just as the name suggests, this car insurance spain will give you the basic Third party coverage and an added fire and theft coverage along with it. This will cover your vehicle from any damage caused due to an attempt of theft and robbery. In case of any accident caused due to a natural disaster or fire, your vehicle will be covered as well.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers every situation that might cause damage to your car and the third party. You will get a Third party coverage, fire and theft coverage and coverage for any other damage caused to your vehicle for any other reason. This is a good insurance that will keep your vehicle thoroughly safe and completely covered. I chose a comprehensive insurance for my car.

Driver and passenger insurance

This is the insurance that covers you and your passenger from any bodily damage that might occur during an accident. If you already have an accident insurance like me then you might not need it.

This is all the important information about insurance in spain. Choose wisely and be safe.

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Spanish Car Insurance: An Overview

01 Aug

Car insurance is a must-have almost everywhere in the world. Spain is not an exception. You may be someone who is planning to import your vehicle to the region or wanting to buy a car from a motorist here. Whatever is the situation, the law of the land requires you to have at least a third-party Spanish car insurance. You should also carry the proof of your insurance wherever you go. Lack of the same may lead to penalties and other troubles.

Types of insurance policies

Spanish car insurance policy differs greatly from that of its European counterparts. For instance, if you file a claim for a written off car, you would get only a small per cent of its value. Given below is an overview of your options in the field.
• Third party, fire and theft insurance: This is the most basic among the Spanish car insurance policies you should have. Remember, it is a legal requirement if you wish to stay safe from penalties.
• Fully comprehensive “all risks” insurance: This policy covers almost all possible damages your vehicle may happen to suffer. It is a must-have when leasing your car or going for a hire purchase.
• Optional driver and passenger insurance: Having this coverage is not a must. But, taking this policy would help you reimburse loss of earnings or death.

Know that Spanish car insurance policies function on the basis of a no-claim bonus. You have to submit proof that you haven’t filed for any other claim if you wish to get help from your coverage.

Filing a claim after an accident

Internet is the most reliable source of information when it comes to filing a claim after an accident in Spain. However, take care to ensure that you gather the information from a reputed site. If it happens that the accident is caused by an uninsured car, the victim is entitled to get compensation from the insurance coverage of the one who made the mistake. If the vehicle is registered with any other country than Spain, your green card should be displayed along with other required documents.

How to insure an EU-registered car in the country?

If you are planning to spend more than six months in Spain, your EU-registered car must be registered with the authorities in the region. This is something legally mandated by the European Union. After a time of six months, a vehicle should be registered with the country where it is being used. However, you would not be able to get Spanish car insurance coverage if it is registered with any other country in Europe. The only available option left is get it from the Spanish branch of the insurance provider in your country. If you want to get Spanish insurance coverage to make things easier, you have to de-register the car in your country and register it with Spanish authorities.

Tips to buying a holiday car in Spain

Hiring a holiday car in Spain may appear to be a bit tricky for an average vacationer. This happens because most of the time, the all-inclusive Spanish car insurance coverage may not include everything as promised. Take care to ensure that you read the fine print before going for a final commitment. And, do not allow cheap to be the sole determinant when making a purchase.
Keep these points in mind and you would be able to get the most out of your Spanish car insurance coverage. Finally, do not ever ignore your homework. Seeking recommendations from your friends in Spain too would help you a lot in the matter.

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Take a road trip in Spain

12 Jun

Last year I took a vacation in Spain and I was awestruck at the amazing scenery. Now that I know how it feels to drive through Spain, I would suggest that you plan a road trip there. I like to drive a lot but taking a long road trip needs some preparation. In Spain it was me and three of my best friends who took the road trip. Even before we reached Spain we had booked a comfortable and affordable car, checked that it had Spanish car insurance and all the other necessary documents.

Though we had a great time in Spain, undoubtedly the best holiday of our lives, we had to be very careful. Since we had planned to take a road trip we were extra cautious. There were rules and regulations that we had to keep in mind, speed limits, driving rules, policies, parking rules etc. all had to be checked thoroughly before starting the trip.

Even before starting our journey we had planned the trip thoroughly. Did all the hotel bookings and drew up a road map so that at no point of time we were lost. Another major problem could be the language. For a road trip it is advisable to memorize a few important terms in Spanish so that you could communicate with the locals.

Since you will find stunning nature all around you make sure you have a co-driver so that you can take a break to watch. Since we were four of us, it never got tiring or boring. But if you want to take the trip alone, make sure you stop more frequently. This will keep you well rested and you will enjoy the trip. Here are some of the most important things about a road trip in Spain that you must keep in mind.


Since we were at a foreign location and we were on the road, we were very careful with the papers. Spain is a very friendly place with a lot of tourists taking road trips. So you will face no problem at all. But it is advisable to check that your ride is registered, has Spanish car insurance and is in good working condition. There are many reputed car rentals in Spain that could give the best of cars. They also have a wide price range that will suite all.

Right hand drive

Yes, Spain has right hand side drive rule. We found it slightly difficult to get used to it, but with a little more attention you will easily manage it. Just watch yourself when you are parking, driving out of the parking area, leaving the gas station etc.

Watch the changing speed limits

Spain has a variety of speed limits for different locations. They are different in the town, on the motorway and on the open roads. These speed limits also keep changing from time to time. So, be watchful of the speed limit.

These were just a few of the important rules that you must consider. Make sure you are coved with a Spanish car insurance, watch the speed and yes, do not drink and drive.

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